Saturday, 27 April 2013


I'm doing a really interesting online course at the moment called 'A Crash Course on Creativity' taught by the amazing Tina Seelig from Stanford University.  For our first assignment we've had to design the cover of our autobiography and produce a 200 word synopsis - wow, that's hard!  Many of the other students seem to be whizz kids at using Photoshop but I'm so low tech despite my best efforts so I'm just going to embrace that rather than trying to change it.
Here's mine...
Born in a land of green pastures, rolling hills, frolicking sheep and mighty Oaks, a flowery dress wearing artist finds herself amongst firs, mountains, lakes, bears and leisure wear. An afternoon tea & biscuit girl in a coffee and donut culture. An old school, hands-on maker in a high tech, digital jungle.
The Way Home maps one woman's journey to find her own path through an alien world, her struggle to find meaningful connections and a sense of place in a country which is not her own. It is a story for all those who have ever felt out of place, on the outside, not part of the pack or just a long way from HOME. 
As the author slowly and painfully follows her private road she begins to question the notion of what or where is home? Is it where you are born? Where your family are? Is it really where you lay your hat as the song says? Can you have two homes? Or just maybe home has nothing to do with anything external in our lives, perhaps it's a feeling, a spirit that we can carry deep in our hearts wherever we wander in this life?
Quirky, funny, anguished, raw - this book will encourage readers to follow their own private road and hopefully to eventually find The Way Home.

It's a really interesting exercise to do and I'd actually quite like to write the book now!  What would your cover look like?  What would you write about?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Redmond Historical Walk & Sketch Tour

CALL FOR ARTISTS – Redmond Historical Walk & Sketch Tour

Anyone interested in walking and sketching?  This will be an exciting venture linking local historians and artists, click on the link above for details...

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