Wednesday, 20 March 2013


It's been another week of paperwork.....I've spent most of the last two weeks applying for grants, responding to call outs & writing project proposals.  If even a couple of them materialise then I'll be a happy girl!  One good thing about all these applications is I've really had to think hard about my practise & define exactly what it is I do.  It's made me think honestly about my strengths & weaknesses and what my true aspirations are.  To help me I've been following an online course by creativity coach Mark McGuinness called Creative Pathfinder which I've found incredibly powerful and it's free!  Definitely recommend it.
I've finished a couple more stitched paper collages based on the collographs I did a couple of weeks ago....
....yes it's me fishing in my kayak!
I'm using alot of glitter and sparkle, not sure why, I've resisted it for years thinking it was too 'crafty' but I'm in a kind of 'just go for it girl' mood at the moment and anyway if it's good enough for Fiona Rae....!  I'd like to do some much larger pieces like this, I really enjoy stitching on paper, but I free machine on top of the collaged pieces so I'm restricted by the arm size of my domestic machine.  Oh well, small is good!

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