Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunset over the lake

Sunsets over Lake Washington are ablaze with colour,  the sky is on fire whilst the water turns into an inky, indigo dye bath with flecks of violet and gold dust.  We live across the Lake from Seattle so as the night deepens we watch the city magically transform into a  twinkling outline as if every building has been draped with fairy lights.  

Trying to create art which even approaches this natural beauty is impossible but the view has inspired me to work in a deeper, more vibrant colour palette than my usual.  I think indigo dye would be perfect for the lake colours but I'm more than a little scared by the indigo process and with exhibition deadlines looming I don't have time for experimentation, so I've used logwood combined with iron and tannin modifiers to give deeper hues.

 The piece is still on the work table, it still has alot of handstitching to add but I like the vivid contrast of the onion dyed silk against the logwood.

This is probably going to be the first of a series of  'Sunset over the Lake' pieces, a good excuse to sit by the Lake with my camera and sketchbook!

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