Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Most of my time this last week has been spent preparing backgrounds for my upcoming community projects.  I use a medium weight canvas & then add a wash of acrylic paint, giving me a nice sturdy cloth which does not require hooping or further stabilisation before I add all my free machine stitching.  I add further details with stitch, paint & applique, slowly building up layers until I'm happy with the composition.  It's a slow process but I love working this way & I'm looking forward to adding the final elements - the public's own drawings.  The scenes look rather empty at the moment..
Look for me at Redmond Town Center Arts Festival July 12th - 14th where I'm featured artist and will be leading a creative community mapping activity. 
Saturday July 13th I'll be heading over to Derby Days where I've been invited by the Arts Commission to be their featured artist for the day.
Please come & see me if you are heading to either of these events!


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